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Mom's Child Support Enforcement

Petition for Action

The purpose of this survey is to get the Attorney General to take action against all of the "deadbeat" parents who do not support their children..

  1. If you want the Attorney Generals and other officials to take action against unsupportive parents, please state your full name?

  2. How many children do you have which support is owed:

    None 1 Child 2 Children 3 Children 4+ Children

  3. What is your mailing address? (for record purposes only- will not be given to ANYONE!)
    Street Address 
    City, State, Zip 
  4. How much is the noncustodial parent in arrears? 
  5. Do you feel the Attorney Generals have helped in any way with your case? 
  6. If you want to be notified of any action taken in response to this petition, please give your e-mail address:  
  7. If you have any comments, please state them here: 


Thank you for taking the time to participate in this petition. Our efforts will pay off!

Petition organized by Jeana DeCoux.